AQR Color-Tec

Field-Based Analysis of Total Chlorinated Volatile Organic Halocarbons

Color-Tec is a field screening test-kit method for dissolved chlorinated compounds in water and soil samples. The method detects every chlorinated compound below regulatory clean-up levels in 60 seconds at a cost of less than $28 per sample.

Color-Tec is a field-based analytical method which combines sample purging with colorimetric gas detector tubes to detect total chlorinated volatile organic halocarbon compounds in any ex-situ liquid or solid sample at concentrations from ~3 µg/L or µg/Kg. Samples are analyzed in two minutes or less by purging the volatile compounds from the sample directly through the colorimetric tube, which is designed to produce a distinct color change when exposed to chlorinated compounds. Estimated sample concentrations are obtained by comparing the tube readings to a conversion table, which was developed based on comparison of the method values to GC/MS analysis of split samples.

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